Addiewell public school

class pictures 1953-54

By Margaret Foster

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Addiewell public school' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Addiewell public school' page

First Photograph

Back row

David Jarvis, George Weir, Danny Robb, Jim Scott, ??, John McArthur, John Reid?, Hugh McGillivray

Second row from back

Alan Forrester, Margaret Haliday, Chrissie White, Isobel Hutchinson, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Sandra Gilfillan.Margaret Elizabeth Stewart,(1) Molly Stevenson, Betty McIver.

Third row from back

Margaret Stewart (2) Sandra Morris, Esther Hamilton. Katherine Dymock, Betty Pringle, Marion Ravie, Margaret Aitcheson, Jean McKenna, Margaret Davidson.

Front row

Peter Irvine, David Pennykid, Tom Steel?  Andrew Meek, Francis Gill?  John Bonnar, Ian Scott, John Lindsay.

Apologies for any wrong spelling.


Second Photograph

Back row

W Putherer, Johnny Dymock ,Ian Lumsden ,?? ,Tommy Davidson, K Walker, Ian Savage, Norman Powell.

Second row from back

Jean Gillies, Jean Bradley, Anne Robertson, Margaret Brown, ??, K Kitelski, Grace Edgar, Dougal Forrester.

Third row from back

Sandra Knox, Anne Bambury, ??, ??, Moira McKenna, Doris Muir, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??,

Front row

 David Hutchinson,  ??,  Tommy McFarlane,  ? Hutchinson.

Some help needed with missing names please.


This page was added by Margaret Foster on 04/10/2012.
Comments about this page

Thank you so much for identifying the majority of the kids in these two photos, I remember most of them well and once I saw their names I was annoyed with myself for not recognizing them. Love this site and check it out as I come in from work every night.

By Catherine Alleyne
On 06/10/2012

I think I am in the second photo front row left. I am born in 1946. I recognise the names S Knox K Walker. I now live in Coventry.

By David Hutchison
On 29/10/2012

From John Lindsay. (1st photo, bottom right), yes it is me, the smallest in the class. They would not let me into the RAF when I was 15 because I was so small and light, they did let me in 3 months later and after 18 months training at Hereford, I shot up to 5' 8", spent 14 years in RAF and 15 years in the Army, loved every minute of it, now living in Woking, Surrey after being round the world. Was it almost 60 years ago, feels like yesterday!

By John Lindsay
On 18/02/2013

Hi John. Do you remember you, me and Jean McKenna getting told of about that photograph. Jean didn't hear what the photographer said and asked me. I hadn't heard properly either but thought it was, "girls fold arms and boys hands by sides" you must have overheard us and dropped your hand while Jean and I folded ours. The only three in the class to spoil the picture. Lol. Pleased to see you fulfilled your ambitions in the forces. Like you say it's hard to believe it's all that many years ago.

By Margaret Foster
On 20/02/2013

from David Hutchison. I can confirm I am in second photograph front row left, my cousin is front row right, in the first photograph is my other cousin Isobell Hutchison Elizabeth Hutchison. We all lost touch over 60 years when my parents moved to Armadale and then Coventry. My friends were K Walker, Sandra Knox, Marion Ravie, John Potter

By david hutchison
On 11/03/2013

Hi David, I have added your name to the list on the second picture. You did not say what your cousins name was. Do you remember any other names? I can remember the faces but not the names. I believe Esther Hamilton was a cousin also.

By Margaret Foster
On 21/03/2013

Hi Margaret sorry don't remember my cousins' name or any other names-Esther Hamilton must be from my dad's sister

By david hutchison
On 23/03/2013

Hi just came across this site, as my mother in law was from Addiewell, and low and behold, there she is ISOBEL HUTCHISON, she didn't tell us much about her younger years, so if anyone knows her I would love to here from you.

By Lynette
On 20/06/2015

First Photograph - Front Row reading from left to right.5th pupil reads Francis Gill. The 5th pupil is Alexander Meikle not Francis Gill.Thanks

By Tracey Thomson
On 27/09/2015

My name was Krysia Mietelska and I lived at 43 Meadowhead Crescent from 1950 – 1960, opposite Sandra Knox who now lives in America and with whom I am still in contact.                                                                                                    My younger brother Robin’s friends were Bernard Murphy and Patrick ??.         Does anyone remember the Italian Coffee Bar in West Calder? Angelina married our lodger Stefan.                                                                                       The Gala Days were great – following the pipe band around the scheme, then running to win a race for money!  Friday night the chip van would come and we would have our fish supper treat and, of course, there was Santini with his ice cream!                                                                                                             Second PhotographBack Row: K Walker was Keith Walker.                                Second Row from Back: My name was Krysia Mietelska, not K Kitelski.                Third Row from Back: The three girls on the right of the row are, from the left, Jean Matson, Christine White & Mary Woods.                                                           Two of my teacher recollections from my school days are Miss Henderson, who did not like left-handers (and I was one!) and Miss Arnott, a big lady who slipped down one of the icy slides that had been made more slippery by some of the children – we were all told off but we had a giggle!

By Krysia Reeves
On 08/09/2018

I am in first picture, Katherine Dymock,recognise most of the class, was friendly with Margaret Aitchison,Margret Davidson and a few others.Went to West Calder High School,worked 4yrs in Edinburgh,then in the WRNS for9 years.Have lived in England for over 50yrs.Married with a family.HAPPY MEMORIES.THANKS

By katherine findlay
On 18/12/2018

Just having a look at these photos again.  And, sadly, it appears that Krysia Reeves has passed away.  There is a funeral notice in the Middlesborough gazette.  She died 4th January 2021.

By Thomas Robb
On 08/08/2021

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