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Photo:Recognise anybody? Can you tell us anything about this photo?  Add any names?  Probably taken about the late 1940s, early 1950s.

Recognise anybody? Can you tell us anything about this photo? Add any names? Probably taken about the late 1940s, early 1950s.

John Kelly. All rights reserved. S1. 165A

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My mum was born in Addiewell Margrate Menzies and her sister Sadie and John her brother my granddad was the local chimney sweep Johnny Menzies whos family all moved to Perth x

By raymond bowes
On 08/12/2013

Johnny Menzies (we pronounced it Minges) lived in Stephenson Street. I lived in 24 Stephenson Street and was friendly with Johnny's son, young John. The dad was always called Johnny and the son was John. Johnny was foreman grade and was the general maintenance and repair man for the company houses in the company village. So, although I remember him and his crew sweeping the chimneys ( coal fires ) he did all the housing repairs needed. The Menzies lived in the middle of the block, downstairs. Because of his status as foreman, the family had two apartments made into one dwelling. When the old buildings were condemned as dwellings around 1947, the family was moved up to Loganlea. I can't remember the address there. Everywhere was Moorelands something, but it was the corner apartment downstairs where mainstreet joined the south-west corner of the central park. John and I always got up to some real mischief when together, so my friendship with John was not encouraged. I seem to remember that the family were moved again to a more modern home in Addiebrownhill with upstairs bedrooms. "The steel hooses". by that time the shale oil works was winding down and jobs were being offered down at Grangemouth. I was old enough to go to West Calder High School and didn't see John again.

By David Toynbee
On 07/01/2014

My Dad George Lavery was 102 on the 4th January 2014 is he the oldest resident in Addiewell

By John Lavery
On 07/01/2014

Hi,just wondered if any readers can remember the Fallon's from Loganlea.My dad was Chris who later married Rose Halloren.My granfather was Michael who married Margaret Finnigan originally from County Mayo but i believe they were also in Addiewell 9 Mooreland Gardens.I have started tracing my family tree and it's great how you stumble upon sites like your's and read the remarkable stories.Keep up the good work and if anyone has any recollections at all i'd be delighted to read them.Thanks

By Brian Fallon
On 11/07/2016

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