"The Honey Cart"

A poem about John Riley

The night was dark and stormy,

John Riley took a fit,

The wind blew out his candle,

And he fell among the s---.


Oh gimme back me candle

Gimme back me light

Gimme back me shovel

Till I shove away the s----.


"My mother, Kate Colleary, could remember old folk singing this song."

Contributed by Billy O'Byrne.

This page was added by Billy Kane on 13/07/2012.
Comments about this page

Haven't heard this poem for years, had actually forgotten it till I read it on here.

By anna martin (Nee Di Biasio)
On 27/10/2013

I remember the poem Billy, but who was John Riley?

By Tommy Woods
On 01/11/2013

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