The Muirhead Family

By Tom Adams

Hi, I was wondering if any one can help me trace part of my Family? The surname is Muirhead. I cannot remember Mr Muirhead's name, but his wife was Mima (her maiden name was Curely; they had three Daughters Jemima, Jean and Isabel, and two sons James and Frank. Anything at all would really help me. Also Mima was also related to Jim Mithchel and Char Steel. Thank you. 


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They lived across the street from me growing up in the 1960's.  I lived at 37 Mooreland Gardens.  I don't know where they all are now but some of the old neighbours still live around there.  The Kiernans at number 35 might know.  Where do you live?

Anne Cassidy (now Hamilton)

By Anne Cassidy Hamilton
On 11/03/2016

Hi Anne, 

Thank you for your reply, I live in Durham.

My Mums cousin used to live over the green the last time I was there which would be over 40 years ago. Her name was Georgina, she had a had two children called Bruce and Agnus, she used to show dogs i think red setters at dog shows. Her Maiden name was Mitchel her uncle was /is Jim Mitchel he lived in the houses near Peams shop. You say the Kiernans may know at they live at 35 would that be Mooreland Gardens? 

Kind regards


By tommya
On 12/03/2016

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Sweeney, and my mum is Jean Sweeney (Muirhead) everyone is well, My Aunty Mums stays in Stoneyburn with her family, Isabel is in West Calder with her family and the rest are still in Addiewell. 

By Jacqueline Hamilton
On 12/03/2016

Hi Jacqueline, 

Its great to hear from you thanks for your reply, your Mum and i have many happy memories from years ago i remember she came to stay with us in Doncaster for a while, please tell her that Mimas Son Thomas sends his regards. I dont think Isabel will remember me as she was only a little girl the last i seen of her. I dont know how to send you a personal message without giving mine or your email which is probly not the best thing to do. If there is a Moderator reading please could you help me. Cheers Tom.

By Tom Adams
On 14/03/2016

Hiya Tom if it's any help I'm on Facebook you can look me up under Jacqueline Sweeney Hamilton, if not you get a friend to send me a private mail.

By Jacqueline Hamilton
On 19/03/2016

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