Relatives Inglis/Tierney

By Mark Roulley

I am researching my family history and I get to Addiewell, Scotland.My grandmother Mary Catherine Tierney is the daughter of Hugh Tierney and Margaret Inglis Tierney.I know her siblings were Hugh Tierney and my great Aunt Peg.

My grandmother Mary was born 11/23/1910..If this sounds familiar to anyone I would LOVE to hear from you..

Mark Roulley

Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

This page was added by Mark Roulley on 02/01/2019.
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Hi Mark, you have opened up quite a topic asking about the Tierney's from Addiewell. You have a lot of rellies there. I am James Doyle (born 1957). My father was Eddie Doyle son of James and Mary Doyle (nee Tierney) who lived at Mooreland Gardens, Loganlea. My gran Mary moved down to Blackburn in the early 70's. I never knew my Granda but have a couple of old pics of him I'll post once I get used to the site. There are a lot of James's Mary's and Cathrine's in the family and it can get confusing. My gran's pic was on the 'woman's guild' page on this site. My sister Mag knows a lot about our family, dates and who's who I'll get in touch with her and see if she wants to post something 

Anyway nice to met you Cus. If there is anything you want to know and I can help let me know, James




By James Doyle
On 11/08/2019

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