Sports and recreation

Addiewell has produced a number of sporting heroes, past and present; and it has generated a large number of clubs and societies for everything from literature to doos!

Page link: Addiewell Pond and the swans
Addiewell Pond and the swans
Some reminiscences by Dave Toynbee
Page link: Row over the Cambridge Bar
Row over the Cambridge Bar
'just like an old-fashioned beer shop where customers spit on the floor'
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Sports miscellany
Going to the dogs; and Justice the 'pedestrian'
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The Earls
Harmony Group
Category link: Footballers
Addiewell's footballing legends
Category link: May Processions & Gala Days
May Processions & Gala Days
High days and holidays in Addiewell - see some familiar faces and places
Category link: The fabulous fifties
The fabulous fifties
Growing up in the 1950s