Shale and coal

Shale oil was why Addiewell was built.  Built in the 1860s, its oil works was the largest in the world.  Its houses were built to accommodate the shale miners and oil workers employed by Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Company Ltd.

Shale was mined at several of the company's own mines around the village.

But Addiewell was also on the edge of a coalmining area.  Many local men worked at Loganlea Colliery, and later at Baads, Cuthill and Woodmuir coal mines.

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Addiewell Oil Works - after the closure
Some interesting and evocative photos of the huge oil works site after it closed in 1956.
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Coal strike 1921
Robert Strathern Lindsay
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Mining fatalities
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The General Strike
Addiewell and Loganlea and the General Strike of 1926
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The Sneddons: a tragic local family
And how Addiewell No. 32 is not at Addiewell
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