Railway miscellany

Brief news items on Addiewell and its railway lines

A New Station

A preliminary meeting, with a view to taking steps for petitioning the Caledonian Railway directors to open a passenger station here, was held in the hall on Tuesday evening.  All present were of one opinion viz., that a station was very much wanted, and that it was surprising that the matter was not looked after sooner.  An interim Committee was appointed to take the necessary steps for holding a public meeting, on an early date, for the purpose of appointing a Committee with powers to act in the matter in the name of the Inhabitants of Addiewell, Loganlea and neighbourhood.

West Lothian Courier 16 September 1876, page 3

Excursion trains

The annual holidays were observed here on Friday and Saturday, as usual.  Many of the people took advantage of the cheap excursions to Perth and Dunoon, while a large number also took advantage of the cheap special fares by the Caledonian Railway Company of visiting their friends in other districts.

 West Lothian Courier ,  2 August, 1912, page 8


Late Train from Edinburgh

This additional facility will enable one to spend an extra 70 minutes in Edinburgh

The public agitation which has been going on for some time to have the 9.30pm train from Edinburgh stopped at Addiewell has at last borne fruit.  Mr Steele, stationmaster, has received notice that this train will stop at Addiewell on Thursday, November 5th, and every Thursday thereafter.  This additional facility will enable one to spend an extra 70 minutes in Edinburgh, and is likely to be greatly taken advantage of.  The company does not consider the traffic would warrant stopping the train every week night, but this concession may yet come if the service is well supported.

Midlothian Advertiser,  1925

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