Addiewell Prison

A recent and striking addition to the Addiewell scene

Photo:Addiewell Prison, 2011.

Addiewell Prison, 2011.

West Lothian Local History Library. All rights reserved.

Addiewell prison was built between 2006 and 2008 by the UK Detention Services consortium.

It opened in December 2008, and accommodates over 700 men. It's a maximum security prison, taking all categories of offenders and prisoners on remand. It employs some 350 staff, including 160 prison officers.

It is run by Sodexo Justice Services (formerly Kalyx), for the Scottish Prisons Service.

There have been a couple of disturbances since it opened - a 'riot' lasting some six hours in February 2009, during which four people were injured;  and a shorter disturbance in January 2010, in which 8 prisoners took part.  The smuggling of drugs into prison is a constant problem, but perhaps the number of prosecutions for this offence indicates a certain level of success in preventing this problem.

However, the prison has been commended for its support scheme for vulnerable children and families as their fathers leave the jail.  And the jail emphasises the education and rehabilitation of inmates. 

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