Mining was at the heart of Addiewell and Loganlea's history.  Coal was mined at Loganlea from an early date, and many more mines were sunk to supply the Addiewell oil works with shale.  

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Addiewell's bings
As Addiewell's bings spread, they swallowed up at least a couple of houses.
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From the estate of Muirhousedykes to today, Loganlea has seen huge changes in its fortunes
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Loganlea Colliery
Coalmining at Loganlea
Page link: Loganlea Colliery Baths
Loganlea Colliery Baths
Pithead baths were installed at Loganlea in 1929
Page link: Loganlea Colliery closes
Loganlea Colliery closes
In 1958 NCB announced it would close 20 pits in Scotland
Page link: Ma Moore and the baton charge
Ma Moore and the baton charge
Read the original reports of the incident and the subsequent trial
Page link: Mining fatalities
Mining fatalities
Mining was one of the most dangerous occupations. Accidents and injuries were common; deaths were only too frequent as well. More accounts are added as they're found. Add your own reports of mining deaths here too.
Page link: Pugs and mineral lines
Pugs and mineral lines
Colliery engines operating on works and pit railway lines were known as pug engines.
Page link: Shale mining memories wanted
Shale mining memories wanted
BBC television documentary looking for former shale miners, or people connected with the shale industry
Page link: The General Strike
The General Strike
Addiewell and Loganlea and the General Strike of 1926
Page link: The mines around Addiewell
The mines around Addiewell
Find out more about the mines in and around Addiewell
Page link: The Sneddons: a tragic local family
The Sneddons: a tragic local family
And how Addiewell No. 32 is not at Addiewell